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Every great film starts with an origin story, why can't a business?

Our journey has taken us over seas, across continents, and through countless lives and livelihoods. While we ranged far and wide, the goal was as clear as day; we wanted to employ our talent of visual storytelling to help others and better the world around us. 

The name "Sheepdog Productions" is inspired by the parable of the sheepdog; perhaps best told by LTC. Grossman. The name pays tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to service; law enforcement, emergency services, and military.

our journey
our mission


"If you have to live the mission...Love what you do." -Anne Mulcahy

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality content, while taking the mystery out of the "behind the scenes." We know film can be an intimidating medium, and often it's difficult to see where your investment goes. We strive to provide you the tools and knowledge necessary to to go forward confidently, using this medium to your greatest benefit while investing effectively in all of your visual content.

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